ProJob is a Swedish based company, distributed in North America from it’s headquarters in Montreal (Canada) and it’s subsidiary company in upstate New-York (USA).

We are a small but effective and young company that lives in a high level of symbiosis with those who sell our products. They are mostly just as dedicated as we are when it comes to promoting ProJob. That’s why it’s more fun being a runner up on a market than being a leader. We always have to focus on what’s most important and to be smart in the way we use our resources

Ergonomics. Functionality. Quality.

We the ProJob people must simply be ahead of the big brands to be able to compete. And that’s a challenge we gladly face everyday.
Maybe our core values are taken for granted. But it takes quite a lot to reach the levels expected by today’s workforce and even more to make those accustomed to a certain brand try something new.

At ProJob, we take the environment and ethics very seriously. Environmental considerations are followed throughout the manufacturing process and delivery.

Our product development consists of a small, competent team and contacts with/visits in our Asian production facilities are frequent. We don’t cut back on fabrics and details, as our ambition is to surpass highly set expectations: it’s more important that you perceive us as number 1 in quality than in market position.